​Mongolian History Institute

        Mongolian History Institute grew out of Mongolian History Laboratory founded in  1959 and it is one of the earliest research institutions of Mongolian studies of Inner Mongolia University.It became a deputy-level scientific research institute directly under the university in 1973, and was renamed  Mongolian History Institute in 1982.After nearly 60 years of construction, Mongolian History Institute has achieved fruitful results in the field of ancient Mongolian history and northern nationality history research, and formed its own advantages and characteristics.The discipline has insisted on its academic path---encouraging the Mongolian, Manchu,Turkic language and Persian language learning, attaching great importance to excavation and utilization of the national script archives and literature, emphasizing on  comparative study of multilingual historical data ---to be a strong vitality and maintain the vigorous power of innovation and development of the subject.Now there is one authorized center for doctoral degree of the first level discipline of Chinese History and 4 authorized centers for master's degree of History of Mongolia and the Northern Nationalities, Ancient Chinese History, and Historical Philology, and Historical Geography of Inner Mongolia Plateau.There are 18 researchers in the institute, including 3 professors, 5 associate professors and 10 lecturers, 3 doctoral supervisors, and 5 master supervisors.


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