Department of Mongolian History

Inner Mongolia University was founded in 1957,and Mongolian History Teaching and Research Section was formed the next year in History Department and it was specialized in Mongolian history research and teaching.Thus Mongolian History Discipline of Inner Mongolia University was established.In 1962,  Mongolian History Teaching and Research Section  was renamed Mongolian History Laboratory. In 1972, it was separated from  History Department and became the first research institute directly under the university.In 1982, Mongolian History Laboratory was renamed Mongolian History Institute, and at the same time Institute of Modern and Contemporary History of Inner Mongolia was separated as another research unit directly affiliated to Inner Mongolia University. In 1978, Mongolian History Discipline began to recruit postgraduate students, and in 1981, it was approved the authorized center for master degree of Chinese History of Nationality.In 1990, it was approved the authorized center for doctoral degree of Specialized History. In 1986, Mongolian History Discipline was listed as the first key disciplines of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.In 2009, the Specialized History (Mongolian History) Post-doctoral Research Station was approved.In 2011, relying on the research achievements and the training ability and level of high-level talents of Mongolian History Discipline, Inner Mongolia University was granted the authorization of doctoral degree of the first level discipline of Chinese History.It has formed a complete talent training system from undergraduate to postdoctoral. Mongolian History Discipline is the key construction discipline of the national "Project 211" and "the Western College Upgrading Comprehensive Strength Program" .

In 2000, in order to strengthen the Mongolian studies, Inner Mongolia University combined the Mongolian History  Institute, Institute of Modern and Contemporary History of Inner Mongolia, Department of Mongolian Language and Literature, Mongolian Language Institute, Institute of Neighboring Countries to set up School of Mongolian Studies.In 2010, according to the development laws of the discipline itself, the university formed a relatively independent teaching and scientific research institution---Mongolian History Department,based on the faculty of Mongolian History Institute and Institute of Modern and Contemporary History of Inner Mongolia.

Mongolian History Department carries out the  school running system of unity of the department and institute, with the scientific research and teaching institutions as Mongolian History Institute, Institute of Modern and Contemporary History of Inner Mongolia, undergraduate specialty of history (Mongolian Teaching),undergraduate specialty of tourism management(Mongolian Teaching), “Center for Mongolian History Archival Documents”, and“Research Center for Historical Geography of Mongolian Plateau”.

The undergraduate specialty of Mongolian teaching History is the new major of Inner Mongolia University, which has been established for Mongolian History talents reserving and for the social needs of talents majored in Mongolian history and culture.The undergraduate specialty of Mongolian teaching Tourism Management is based on the history and cultural background of Mongolian History discipline, which is a new major facing the of the talent demand of ethnic tourism and culture career in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

There are 27 teachers in Department of Mongolian History, including 5 professors(researchers), 9 associate professors and 13 lecturers.There are 5 doctoral supervisors and 10 master supervisors;one member of the Teaching Steering Committee of History Discipline of the Ministry of Education;2 experts were selected into "Grassland Talents Project" of  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. One person obtained the prize of National Excellent Doctoral dissertation and another person gained Award Nomination. 2 persons had the title of the excellent graduate supervisor of the autonomous region.

By 2017, the discipline has trained 504 undergraduates and 253 postgraduate students (including 13 foreign students, )and 91 doctoral students (21 of them are  foreign students), providing the country,colleges and research institutions of the autonomous region as well as foreign institutions with a large number of high-quality talents.At present, there are 422 students in this department, including 14 doctoral students, 67 postgraduate students, 332 undergraduates and 9 overseas students.



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